Times changing.  Are you out in the dark?

Disco Vest

From early morning runners to night races to hiking after dark, all of these things inspired the creation of the Disco Vest. 
The Disco Vest lets you see and be seen in the dark while also being more comfortable than a headlamp.  


A back water bottle pocket that adjusts with velcro to fit any size bottle so you can stay hydrated.

10 Hours of Lights

Featuring lights that last up to 10 hours. With an easy rechargeable battery that plugs into a USB port.

An Adjustable Fit

Unisex sizing that fits both men and women. Made with velcro straps to be able to adjust the fit around your waist.

Light the Night

Made with LED lights that shine 20 to 30 feet in front of you. While the reflective details help keep you visible. The lights have three modes: always on, fast flashing, and slow flashing.


Disco Vest



Disco Vest