Adding in Strength Work to Your Run Without Going to the Gym -

Adding in Strength Work to Your Run Without Going to the Gym

Whether you’re training for your next event or looking to add in more strength work, par course workouts are a great way to train other muscles without having to go to the gym. Some parks have par course exercise equipment stations that help to guide you through the exercises. For us, finding a park with a par course can sometimes be inconvenient and out of our way, so we’ve put together an easy to follow par course workout that require little to no equipment. This workout is easily customizable so you can switch it up based on the muscles you want to target. This is a good base to start, you can always add in or take away exercises based off your preferences.

  1. 1 Mile Warmup (run or walk, your preference)
  2. Arms - 10 push ups, 30 second plank, 10 pull ups (if you’re by a playground use the monkey bars, if not substitute with more push ups or side planks)
  3. 1 Mile Run (at a fast pace)
  4. Abs - 30 sit ups, 30 bicycle twists, 30 Russian twists (you could make this one harder by using a heavy rock as a weight)
  5. 1 Mile Cool Down

If you’re in the mood to do more, you can always repeat this cycle as many times as you would like or increase the reps or mileage.

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