Morning vs Evening Runs -

Morning vs Evening Runs

Carving out time to run each day can be hard, especially with the daily grind of life. AM workout routines can leave you feeling ready to start while PM workout routines can help you relieve the stresses of the day. We’ve put together a few of the physical and mental benefits of each time of day.

AM workouts 

Morning runs are great for building mental strength. Starting out your day with a run can leave you feeling clear and ready to go. With less people out, can have that time to yourself. You also have more motivation and mental strength in morning, making it mental easier for you to get your daily exercise out of the way. Physically though, when you first way up, your muscles are more stiff and your body temperature is lower, leaving the workout feeling more difficult. Although you can look at this as a positive because by making the run harder, you’re building that mental stamina. If you’re training to become more fit, AM workouts are good because we burn calories more quickly on an empty stomach and since testosterone levels are at the highest between 5:30 am and 8 am, this cause help build muscle.

PM workouts

Running in the evening is great for performance and pushing yourself physically. There’s no better stress reliever than exercise, especially after a long day. Your body temperature reaches its high point between 4pm and 5pm, which is why it has been proven that we perform better between 4pm and 7pm. Your muscle function is higher leading to better oxygen flow. You run faster after the sun goes down because the dark takes away distractions, leaving you to concentrate on your workout.

If it’s dark outside during either your morning or evening run, make sure you are visible to cars and other people. Our Disco Vest is great for this. 

Keep in mind, while the time of day can affect your workouts, everyone is different and how your body reacts may differ from another person, so it’s best to figure out what works for you. 

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