Design Story - Berryman Running Top -

Design Story - Berryman Running Top

Starting out, our goal was to create a top that incorporated all the things we needed for long races and nothing that we didn’t. This led us to ask a series of questions: What does a runner need and when do they need it? Since theres no aid stations on training runs, how do runners get their essentials? In races, will the aid stations have what runners want? 


Since your typical running tops aren’t built this way; this leaves us using vests, arm sleeves, and running belts. So we decided to test out multiple products to find out what the best ones were, from vests to bike shirts to belts, drawing inspiration and ideas from each one. We wanted all the functions of these running accessories with none of the tradeoffs. Which helped us build the list of must-haves:

1)  Comfortable Materials - Technical, long-lasting, and comfort is key.  
2)  Phone - For all the music listeners and mile trackers out there. 
3)   Hydration and Nutrition - For the good moments and the bad moments, whatever you could possibly need is right there with you. 
4)  Easy to use - Since everyone usually wears a hydration pack/belt on long runs and typically taking things out of a pack can be inconvenient/time consuming. To help keep you moving, effortless access is important.


Fit - Capturing the basic silhouette of your running top to create a fitted yet comfortable feel.


Smart Phone Compliant - For your headphones, we created a small loop on the neckline, letting you drop them with ease. The right arm sleeve pocket gives you a secure spot for your phone. After multiple tests, compression was added to keep the phone in place, adding benefits of comfort and circulation.







Pocket design - With five pockets total, each was placed for convenience. Two, on the sides were designed with an angle and secure zippers, while the back pocket is open. The two front pockets give you extra storage.  Each one was designed to hold almost anything from food to sunscreen to small water bottles.

Construction - As for the construction of the Berryman Top, all seams are flat lock stitching to help avoid chaffing. 



Going through multiple prototypes to make sure each detail was ideal; we tested, evaluated, and corrected to bring you the perfect long distance running top. 

(Photo is an early prototype of the Berryman Top)

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