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Fartlet Workouts to Try (speed play)

Fartlet, the Swedish term for “speed play”, is all about endurance and speed. Similar to intervals, a fartlet workout has you run fast for a certain distance or time but instead of walking inbetween, in a fartlet workout you would run your normal pace in between. Below are three different options to try out: 


Find a place to run with combination of up hills, down hills, and flat spots.

1 mile warm-up 

Up Hills - run fast up the hill. 

Down Hills - run the down hills and let them carry you. Aim to stay light on your feet. 

Flat areas - run at your normal pace to let yourself recovery. 

1 mile cool down

You Choose

1 mile warm-up 

Pick a an object in front of you (street lamp, tree, bench) and run fast until you get to that object. 

Then continue at your normal running pace. 

Repeat 10 times (you can always adjust to how you feel). 

1 mile cool down 


10 minute warm-up 

3 minutes hard 1 minute easy repeat 5 times

1 minute hard 45 seconds easy repeat 4 times

10 minute cool-down

There’s no right or wrong way to do a Fartlet workout and the great thing is you can always adjust to your preference or how you feel. 

Feel free to email us your favorite endurance workouts at connect@constantiagear.com . 

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