For the Cold Weather Runners -

For the Cold Weather Runners

From enhancing your positive mindset to increasing endurance, there are some advantages that might excite you to run outside this winter. 

Less Stress, More Endurance - Since your body isn’t working as hard to cool itself down and pump blood to the skins surface, your energy level increases and your heart rate decreases. Also, since you sweat less in colder temperatures, you don’t dehydrated as easily resulting in more energy to go longer. Overall less stress on your body and more energy.

Helps with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depression occurs when the seasons change. Running in the cold can actually help this by releasing endorphins that communicate with your brain to lessen your recognition of pain while also leaving you feeling more positive.  

Immunity Boost - Breathing in fresh air is good for you, especially if you’ve been indoors all day. Also you adapt to cold weather more quickly if you’re out in it more.

Burn More Fat - The body stores different fats, including brown and white. Brown fat produce heat for the body while also using the white fat for fuel. Overall resulting in more calories and fat burned. Although there isn’t a ton of research of this, so we would not recommend using this as a weight loss program, look at it more as an added advantage. 

Helpful tips:

Layer up - Wearing layers allows you to keep warm and trap warm air in.

Don’t think, just go - Just the thought of colder temperatures can be daunting, that’s why it’s best not to think about it and just go.

Warm up - Warming with maybe some stretching and jumping jacks will help you get the blood flowing.

Shower immediately after working out  - Your body temperature drops when you stop moving so making sure to shower immediately after, this will help to prevent any sickness. 

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