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Heart Rate Zones

Heart rate training basics:

What can heart rate training do for you? Heart Rate training is very simple.

You have five zones but most people don’t train in 5 zones, they train in three below:


This is 80% - 90% of your max heart rate. You will not be able to run at this rate for very long.  And is usually used for short races and speed work.


This is 70-80% of your max heart rate. This is where most people train and do the races.  You can go for a long time in Aerobic.

Fat burning 

This is below 70% of your max heart rate. This is the easiest on the body.  You will not strain the heart and your body can go for a long time with this level.


Hard Sprint days are at Anaerobic.

Tempo, seeing what you can do are at Aerobic.

Easy and long days at Fat burning.

First you need to find your max heart rate, which we will cover this in another blog post.

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