How to know when you need a rest day. -

How to know when you need a rest day.


The best tactic is to be aware of how you feel and adapt your workout schedule to that but if you’re not sure here’s a loose guideline of what to pay attention to. 

You’re not sleeping well 

Insomnia can actually be a sign your muscles need a break from training, especially if you Are normally someone who sleeps well. The reason for this is because your central nervous system is most likely overstimulated from trying to heal your muscles. 

You’ve been sore for more than 72 hours

It normally takes your body 24 to 72 hours to recover so if you’ve been sore for more than 72 hours, this is mostly likely from overtraining. 

You’re energy is low

Pushing through even though you’re feeling run down, isn’t always the best tactic. Especially if your energy has been low for a couple of days. You could come back stronger, if you take a rest day versus if you just keep pushing yourself. 

You’re sick

If you’re sick, your immune system is weaken so it’s best to give yourself time to rest up.

Your heart rate is elevated

If you’re resting heart rate is higher than normal this could be a sign that your body is working harder to get oxygen to the micro-tears in your muscles and you’re not allotting enough to heal. 

You’re always feeling dehydrated even when you’re drinking water

This could be that you’re not giving your body enough time to rehydrate, especially if you’ve been working out in hot weather.

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