Are you in a running rut? -

Are you in a running rut?

Between cold weather and busy schedules, there’s definitely weeks where some of us haven’t felt excited about running each day. Lacking motivation and doing it simply because it’s our daily routine. Whenever we get in these moods, we like to switch things up to try and spark some inspiration. Keep reading for tips on getting out of a rut with your running routine. 

Pick a new place to run.

We find some weeks we’re running the same route everyday because its one less thing we have to think about that day. Picking out a new place or route helps break out of our daily routine and explore new places.

Find a new race or don't.

For some of us, we feel finding a new race can help boost our motivation and excitement around training. If this you, try picking out a destination race or set a new goal and create a training plan around it.  While some of us feel races can sometimes weigh us down with expectations and pressure. Not having a solid training plan or race schedule, can actually bring us more excitement. 

Switch up your pace.

Same as running the route everyday, running the same pace everyday can become all to familiar and boring. Adding in workouts with speed or even just taking the pressure off by walking instead of running can help.

Run with other people

Find someone to run with, a friend, family member, or running group. This can make it feel more like fun activity than a chore. 

Try out trail running. 

If you’re a road runner, try out trail running. Trail running is a lot more technical and unexpected than road running. This is a great idea if you're looking for something more challenging. 

Overall, we really believe its about what motivates you. Some of us thrive on goals and improvements, while others thrive on taking away the expectations and pressure. Trying out something new is a great place to start whether that be running with other people, walking, finding a new event, or switching up your route.

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