Intuitive Running

Intuitive Running

When it comes to fitness, all to often, we get so caught up in a training plan or our expectations, that we forget what it's really about. From distance to splits to heart rate, there's  so many things we can track, giving us new expectations/goals every time we go out to run. Don't get us wrong, we love having a training plan and being able to track our progress but we do think there are times where it can create unnecessary pressure. Leading us to forget why we started running in the first place. This is where we think intuitive running can help. 

What is it?

Intuitive Running is when you drop all expectations to just run for as long and as fast as you feel like, letting your body determine your speed and distance. Not thinking too much about it and not worrying about your training plan and fitness trackers. 

Why it's helpful?

It gives you the ability to let go of any rules about running you've created for yourself and just enjoy it in the moment. Overtime intuitive running can also help you learn to listen to your body. It gives you time to acknowledge how your body feels and then know if you should slow down, speed up, stop or keep going. 

It's that simple. Don't overthink it, just run. 


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