Kilometer Short Design Story -

Kilometer Short Design Story

Requirements for Running Shorts

When designing the Kilometer Short, we started out by creating a list of requirements needed out of running shorts. 

  1. Comfort - At the center of anything is comfort. Focusing on not only how it feels on but also how it works with the movement of the body.  
  2. Durable - Made to hold up through sweat, long distance, speed, and anywhere else your run may take you.
  3. Tech friendly pocket - A secure pocket for your phone so you can go hands free.
  4. Lightweight - Light and airy to help you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.


Design Features

4.5” inseam - There is a balancing act in finding the perfect length for a loose pair of running shorts. Too short and it can leave you chaffed, while too long it doesn’t feel light enough. We’ve found that 4.5” inseam is long enough to keep you covered but short enough to keep you feeling airy.

Flat Waistband - The waistband was designed to feel comfortable against the body, while the drawstring allows you to adjust when needed.

Back zipper pocket - One of the biggest problems we’ve always found with other shorts is the pocket was never big enough for the phone so for this style, a phone friendly pockets was absolutely necessary in today’s world of music listener and distance trackers.

Two additional side pockets - We couldn’t tell you how many times, we’ve had no place to put our keys and cards during, this is why we created two additional pockets so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your other essentials.

Built-in liner - One less thing to worry about, underwear. The Kilometer Short features a built-in liner with silky soft fabric. 



Taking to the time to test and adjust, the Kilometer Short was worn on the road and trail through long and short distances, inspecting how it felt and performed after each wear to adjust and make improvements. 

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