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Our Favorite Yoga Channels on Youtube

We've put together a list of our favorite youtube yoga instructors/channels that we use on a daily basis, before or after a run or on a rest day, to help us stretch out and strengthen. 

Yoga by Candace

  • Yoga by Candace is great for when we want a slow but still somewhat challenging yoga practice. Her videos are all about a modern approach to wellness. 

Boho Beautiful 

  • This channel is one of our favorites for a nurturing and challenging yoga session. They have a range of videos from yoga to pilates to strength work  covering different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 

Yoga with Adriene

  • If you're new to yoga and are still learning all the terminology/what its all about, Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start. She has some great yoga challenges/journeys that really help to walk you through everything.

Ali Kamenova Yoga

  • Ali is great for the days when you want something more hard core. She has some great power yoga videos.

Allie the Journey Junkie

  • We go to Allie the Journey Junkie when we want to mixed up our routine with something different and fun. She has some great videos on Chakra Yoga. 
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