Our Favorite Podcasts about Running

Our Favorite Podcasts about Running

If you have haven't been listening to podcasts, you're missing out. We picked out some of our favorites about running. 

Run Free Podcast

Created and hosted by Ryan Hall, the US Olympic Marathoner. The podcast shares helpful tips and interviews, aimed at helping people reach their full potential in sports, running, and life. 

Some Work, All Play 

Created and hosted by David Roche and Megan Roche. An enthusiastic podcast about science, life, and running. Those two are very entertaining and insightful. 

Ten Junk Miles

This podcast is a great one to run to. It was made for you to listen as you run. They talk about the lives as runners and discuss interesting problems runners have. They always know how to keep things interesting. 

Trail Runner Nation

If you're into trail running, this for you. They discuss everything and anything related to trail running from nutrition tips to athlete interviews to trail running strategies. Even if you're new to trail running or are interested in trying it out, they've got you covered. 


If you interested in ultra trail running, this is the podcast for you. They interview all types people in the ultra running community to bring you inspiring stories about anything and everything related to ultra running. 

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