Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 2 -

Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 2

The Planning

As I start to ponder how I would even attempt to run every hour for 24 hours, a series of questions and thoughts go through my mind. Could I come up with a short loop around my neighborhood? How far should I run each hour? I want to reduce the risk of coming into contact with people. So maybe 2 miles to 3 miles each hour, then spend the rest of the hour inside?

What about my kids, how could my husband and I keep them entertained while I did this? The next big thing, meals. Can I eat a full meal with my family while continuing to run? I don’t want to miss out on meals with my kids. 

Tracking the distance would be easy with an app, but how would that even work, would I have to restart the distance every hour or keep it going?

Going through the night is a whole other ordeal in itself. We don’t have a curfew but I would need something to keep me visible but also light up the path in any dark patches, which the Disco Vest would work great. I already know I’ll wear the Limitless Shirt so I can carry my phone and maybe a few snacks just in case. 

Thinking through everything I start to make a list and the planning begins. 

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