Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 3 -

Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 3

24 Hours of Run 

While planning out all the details, a friend of mine emailed me a flyer for a virtual race that one of their friends is putting on. The virtual race is to be from Friday, April 17th  to Saturday, April 18th and will be 24 hours of running. As I looked at the signup spreadsheet, there was a variety of people ranging in ages from all across the country.  I was thrilled to know I wasn’t the only one thinking about attempting something like this, I decided I was in! 

The rules are to run a minimum of one mile every hour for 24 hours, with no carryover mileage from one hour to the next. Feeling ambitious, I decided to commit to running 3 miles every hour.  I mapped out a 3 mile course by my house, which includes 2 miles of single track trail and 1 mile of road. The trail has a little bit of elevation, so it could get tricky as the time goes on but I’d rather challenge myself than doubt myself. 

To track everything, I’ll use the Strava App and restart at the beginning of every hour. The food, will definitely be something to test out, as this is the longest mileage I will attempt since starting the Keto diet about 4 months ago. For now, I’ll plan to eat normal meals with my family and just prepare to be aware of how I feel throughout the 24 hours. 

As I type this up, I’m hopefully that I can pull it off.  Now to get started. Feel free to check back for updates as I will try to post during my 24 hours of running. 

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