The 6-10 Hour Loop  Experiences with what you need -

The 6-10 Hour Loop Experiences with what you need

Easiest way to do the Ultra-marathon endurance event is to do a timed paved race.  It is my experience you need to workout with the stuff you are going to use in the race.

So lets give you our experience 

Training for the Race

These races are build on time not distance.  So when you are getting ready for the race it is about the timed effort not a distance.  How hard can you go for 6 hours.   But keep in mind you need to pace the 6 hours.  Most people think because the have fresh legs early they will be that way all the way through.  I recently saw someone say it is about managing the slow periods not the fast.

You have committed. You have paid the fees.  First is the buildup.  You start doing your training runs to get ready. All of these should be on the roads. As most timed events are on roads.  And try to do some on a loop course like the race.  

For me there are two types of workouts during this period the daily medium workouts and the Long workouts.  Do you train with a heart rate monitor?  Do you take my phone with you I do. And with the heart rate information now on phones this is easy to log all your training information.

The Berryman running shirt  phone sleeve works best for the workouts with the phone as you can just store it in our un-moveable  arm sleeves.  

And we have to start testing Hydration and food.  Workouts below 1 hour you may not need Hydration above you need to start testing what you can drink and eat.

Since this will be a loop race and most of these are on loops of about 2 miles max you just need your number and might be able to carry a bottle late in the day the Berryman shirts has a number holder on it, and you can carry a bottle in the back pocket..  

If you are in need of a heart rate strap and we have use the Wahoo.  Just connect it to your phone.


The Race

You have to get your stuff ready for the race.  And it is all about Hydration and food, and pacing.

Remember pacing is important.  You can go really well in the first four hours but can give it all back in the last 2 hours.  That is why I suggest don't worry about your early pace.  Worry about your drop off pace later in the day.  

Food, food, food this is the most important aspect of ultras to keep you going.  Eat what you trained with.



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