Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 1 -

Running an Ultra While Social Distancing - Pt. 1

The spread of a viral idea.

I realize everyone is exhausted hearing and talking about the novel Coronavirus. Sorry people, but also I’m not sorry because we will need to discuss it. I promise it will be swift and painless. Currently living through the Covid-19 pandemic has put me in a mental state that is incredibly contrary.

At the beginning of the year I had a training and race schedule all mapped out. I had a series of ultras lined up to run throughout the spring and summer. I was on track mentally and physically. I was excited for 2020, I really felt like it was gonna be my year. Boy was I wrong.

Like I said my mood as of late has been a bit of a paradox. While I am disappointed that myself and my fellow runners will not be able to compete in spring races as planned, I am however grateful that the country and its communities are taking the necessary measures as a whole to stop the spread.

Without a race to train for, I quickly began losing all motivation to do anything, for a week I was barely able to peel myself off the couch. Had I keeled over on said couch you may have had to pry the remote from my cold dead hands. I realized I was throwing away all the training I had done for the race I would eventually run. What now?

Debating what to do I was tempted to postpone everything until fall. As I read through the running blogs and training books, I began to think maybe I could use this time to test myself, to see how good of shape I am really in. 

I racked my mind for ideas to push myself in less than ideal and limited circumstances .  Suddenly I got inspired and thought what if I ran every hour for 24 hours around my neighborhood? Sounds insane, right? Let’s find out. 

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