The Windy Day Jackets - Design Story

The Windy Day Jackets - Design Story

The windy day jackets were created for just that, windy cool days. As we go out to run in the fall and winter months, the item we always found ourselves reaching for most was a jacket to help block the wind. Versatile, lightweight, and protective. Our goal was to create two jackets for a range temperatures that easily adapted to changing conditions. 

Light but Technical

The technical fabric is water-repellent, breathable, and dries quickly. All while being exceptionally lightweight. Each color of the jackets also have a soft pattern. 

Pack It

Both jackets conveniently pack into a small bag so you can easily carry the jacket.

Layering is Key

The layers you wear change day to day based on the weather. This is why we made sure you can effortlessly layer underneath the jackets without feeling bulky or heavy. 

Windy Day Jacket - Hidden Hood

Windy Day Jacket

Adaptable to your conditions, this jackets features a hidden hood that packs into the collar, adjustable drawcords on the hood and hem of the jacket, and two zipper pockets. Ideally for anyone who likes all the extra details. 
A simplified version, the Windy Day Jacket features a minimal design with a regular hood, elastic around the hem and cuffs of the jacket, and two pockets. Ideally for the minimalist runners. 
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