Tips for Running in the Dark

Tips for Running in the Dark

With the daily grind of life, it’s easy to find yourself running in the dark, whether its at 5 in the morning or 8 at night. For many of us, this is the norm. Here’s some tips on running in the dark so you can make sure to be safe and get your run in. 

Pick a Path You Know 

While it’s always fun to explore and find new places to run. Stick to a route you know well on the days you know you’re be running in the dark, to make sure you don't get lost or run into anything unexpected. 

Run Against the Traffic 

Whether you’re running in the city or a back road, always remember to run against the traffic as that way you can see the cars coming towards you and get out of their way quicker. 

High Visibility and Lights

Even if your streets are lighted, make sure to wear high visibility accessories to help you be seen better. Lights are also great. Our Disco Vest is a great option, because is mixes both high visibility and LED Lights so you can see and people can see you. 

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Bring Your Phone

Typically we bring our phone with us this even if it’s not dark outside but it’s especially important at night or early in the morning in case of an emergency.

Stay Alert, Skip Headphones

If you’re worried about the safety of running in the dark, maybe skip the headphones or put the volume on low so you can stay more alert to the sounds around you. 

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