Tips for Setting Fitness Goals in 2021

Tips for Setting Fitness Goals in 2021

Set the Goal, Then Make a Plan

Setting a goal is easy, the hard part is following through. Creating a plan to achieve the goal is essential to keep you on track and heading in the right direction. Begin by detailing out the steps you'll take to get you where you want to be. 

Start Small and Keep it Simple

While we would all love it if we could snap your fingers and immediately change our habits and behaviors, that's not how our brains works. Starting off with a small and simple task to get your moving can be more effective long term than trying to do everything at once. 

Stop Waiting for Motivation and Take Action

It's easy to put things off because you feel like you have no motivation or inspiration, so you think I'll wait to do that until I feel more motivated. Simply beginning or taking the smallest action toward your goal can bring you new inspiration leading to more motivation. That feeling of accomplishment can come from doing the smallest of things, which can get you excited about taking the next step to accomplish the bigger things. 

Be Flexible and Keep an Open Mind

If we're learned one thing from 2020, it's that life is unpredictable. Not everything is going to go according to your plan, so keep that in mind when setting goals and creating your plan. Be prepare to, at some point, get off track or hit a roadblock. Keeping an open mind can help you be more flexible in these types of situations. 



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