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What to Take on a Long Run

If you've taken a long road run or trail run, you know that the preparation can be a task in itself. So we've put together a checklist of things you might need on your long run: 


Fuel is key. There's going to moments when you need an energy boost. There's no shortage of options, from bars to gels to sport jelly beans. 


If you running on route that you know isn't going to have water, hydration is especially important. Our favorite way to carry water is HydraPak's flexible water bottles. They're light and fit great in the side pockets of our Limitless Shirt. 

Keys, Id, Money

 In case of an emergency, it's always good to have your id and some money on hand. 

Extra Layers

 Since you're going to be out for hours at a time on long runs, the weather can change as you go. So having extra layers is always a good idea. With the limitless shirt, it's easy to pack layers into the back dump pocket. 

Phone and Headphones

 Again, in case of an emergency your phone is always good to have. Also if you want to track your distance and splits. Listening to a good book, podcast, or music can help the miles go by. (Here's a link to our favorite podcasts about running if you're interested). 
On all our long runs, we wear the Limitless Shirt. It fits everything we need. Even flexible water bottles and it doesn't weigh you down like a hydration pack can. 
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